PoY! - Produced by het muziekthetre amsterdam

premier may 7th 2011


The original cast of PoY! and the cast of the Netherland Operas production
Michael Poelwijk (light, Netherlands) , Hege Gabrielsen (original stage director), Maja Bugge (cellist, original cast), Arjan van Asselt (sound, Neterlands), Barbara Kozelj (Henriette, Netherlands), Glenn Erik Haugland (composer) , Heidi Tronsmo (creator and Henriette, original cast) , Karin Netten (stage director, Netherlands) , Fanny Bray-Marks (cellist, Netherlands)

pictures from the first rehearsals





About PoY!

Henriette lives with a cellist who works to much. The cellist is constantly rehearsing, and is in fact quite tired of music. For Henriette it is the opposite. Henriette loves music and she loves the quietness. She collects ands plays with sounds and the cellist hates it when she cuddles up on her big pillow and dreams of a universe of music.

PoY! is about a dream Henriette has where the boxes and pillows she usually plays with have grown in to a landscape of colours and geometrical figures that she can explore and play around in. She meets the cellist in the dream as well - at first the cellist is furious - she and her cello-orcehstra don't like being disturbed by this noisy person! But a magical box opens in the end up the cellists eyes and the two conciliate in a wild musical duet.
Poy! is a dream in music for children age 4- 6 - written by composer  Glenn Erik Haugland and composer/singer/writer Heidi Tronsmo, based on a story by Ståle Tråsdahl.